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Sourcing PR Candidates

We provide objective, focused and informed advice and have a range of search solutions to assist us in finding that perfect candidate fit:
  • A thorough search through our extensive database of established talent 
  • Advertise anonymously across a wide range of industry media, including print, online, and via key social media channels
  • Executive search for board level hires or where a specific skill set is required
  • Freelance & interim – ranging from one day to year-long contracts

We will work with you to identify the best search solution for your needs and support this with a tailor-made recruitment program:
  • All candidates are interviewed face-to-face by one of our experienced consultants – this is key to the service we provide. Our interviewing focuses as much on issues of team fit as it does the core matters of competency, honesty and ability and also enables us to discuss relevant roles in detail.
  • Presentation of targeted shortlist with detailed personal profiles indicating suitability, level, salary expectation etc.
  • Management of interviews and feedback (to you and the candidate)
  • We negotiate remuneration, employment terms, starting dates and any other issues around the appointment, and remain integrally involved in the recruitment process until the successful candidate commences their new role. We provide clients with impartial and expert counsel at all times.
  • On going HR support (as corporate members of the REC – Recruitment & Employment Confederation) with regard to matters such as; employment legislation; contracts; disciplinary procedures and tax status).